The Artist: Rune Venjar

Vocational Education:

1965 - 70 Bachelor of Arts from Governmental Art School, SHKS, Norway. Fields: Graphic Design, Painting, Photo and Cinema. Graduated with maximum results - qualifying for a rarely accomplished Nomination to the King of Norway. Parallel studies of Art History as visiting student at Universities in Florence, Rome, Zurich and Oslo. Two years of evening school at Institute of Marketing, IFM, in Oslo. Received various scholarships.


1998 - Started working full time with paintings, drawings and art photography. A private passion, fuelling all the former mentioned commercial work, now demanding complete attention. 1973 - 1998 Established Scope Studios Ltd., a commercial photography company. Worked on fashion and commercial assignments in Paris, Milan and Frankfurt. Agents: Thierry Olivier, Catherine Stuardi and Helga Kirche. Clients: IBM, Kodak, Levis, Saga Furs, Vouge Maison, Marie Claire, Lui, among others. Established Roxy Film Ltd. A company dealing with commercial filmmaking. Established a Model Agency, Roxy Models Ltd. Drafted to new owner in 1990. Collaborated on and off for 15 years with Sony Norway on camera development. 1971 - 1973 Art director at Young & Rubicam, New York. Designer at Fleigh & Le Bouf, San Fransisco. Guest student at MGM and Universial Studios, Hollywood.

Painting Exhibitions:

- Oslo/Norway 2002: Own rented gallery - Oslo/Norway 2005: Own rented gallery - Oakland / USA 2007 - Oslo/Norway 2016: Gylne Snitt Gallery In the press: - VG 2002, Norwegian - Dagsavisen 2002, Norwegian - Ny Bolig 2006, Norwegian

Introducing Rune Venjar:

Ever since my versatile college education in visual arts in the seventies, I have focused on women in my work as photographer, cinematographer and painter. This has given me a rare opportunity to study the lives of modern women at close range. As a contrast, I have studied historical and religious representations of women in churches and museums all over the world. And I still get upset by the condescending and demanding representations; whether the women get mistreated or pacified until death. Many of these condescending representations are dictated by religious leaders, who were contractors for most of the painters in earlier times. These patrons lived in celibacy and were unanimous in their oppression of feminine power and strength. In our time the modern woman has to a great extent taken charge of her sexuality. The problem rests with the male, who is still influenced by the old religious beliefs; he wants the whore and the madonna in one and the same person. This conflict has enough power to fill up books and magazines for years to come; How can men and women interact and understand each other when she no longer functions as his appendix? But quite on the contrary feels independent and filled with her own desires? In my work I try to mirror this complex story in colors and motives that move beyond the historical and psychological realm. My purpose is to portray the female and basically the human force in a simple and non judgmental way. Hopefully this will move and strengthen people who see them. Rune Venjar

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